Take Back your Creative Time

If you haven’t used ON-AIR Pro™ yet, you may not have gathered why it’s become the most widely used post-production tracking system in Los Angeles. While you’ll be stunned by the depth of its features, the countless hours, dollars, and materials it saves, and its sheer customizability, ON-AIR Pro™ is essential for how it centralizes your work.

It’s time to cut down on system sprawl. Gone are the days of redundant, single-function systems and paper trails. With ON-AIR Pro™, use any machine at your network to get instant access to your entire post-production world:

  •   Check the status of your assignments via one easy dashboard
  •   View and approve rough cuts right from your desktop
  •   Log, locate, and check out any tape in your library
  •   Auto-generate slates with the click of a button
  •   Schedule voiceover sessions and reserve an audio bay
  •   Track airings, ratings, and usage rights for any of your programming
  •   Feed data to traffic, programming, or virtually any other system

If you’re ready to say goodbye to logistical distractions and interruptions and experience your network’s real potential, join the dozens of networks who tried us and are never turning back – let ON-AIR Pro™ revolutionize the way you work.