Track Costs and Billing with ON-Budget

ON-AIR Pro’s accounting capabilities for motion picture marketing have been recently improved and expanded with the ON-Budget plug-in, which gives you greater power to control your project finances.


In addition to the many tools already native to our system, you’ll now be able to use the following features right from the job screen:

•  Create print-ready estimates from variable services and rates
•  Convert estimates into client-approved purchase orders
•  Build invoices directly from purchase orders

Job Costs
•  Sort and manage job cost items interactively
•  Select billable costs for instant invoice creation
•  Print detailed reports based on job, employee, date or client

•  Build custom invoices and intelligent service summaries
•  Edit project titles, work descriptions and quantities on the fly
•  Track internal approval status and invoice records

Job Analysis
•  Compare project estimates against costs and billing
•  Create and manage employee participation
•  Print concise, summarized job analysis sheets

As always, ON-AIR Pro integrates with accounting systems to provide further control and flexibility to your creative group. Now more than ever, ON-AIR Pro is the premier solution for producing real, quantifiable results through intelligent workflow management.