Thought Development Corp. is the premier authority in developing workflow systems for the media promotions industry. We maintain a focused concern for user efficiency and total department integration at every step of the on-air promo production process.

With over fifteen years of experience in streamlining broadcast, cable, film, and gaming marketing, and by continually providing our clients with the means to control their operations, Thought Development has become the go-to company for streamlining workflow and cutting time, cost, and stress of promotional production.

Its flagship product, ON-AIR Pro™, is currently installed at many major television networks and trailer production houses.

Since 1994, Thought Development Corporation has provided intelligent database solutions and training services for the entertainment industry under the name of Macinteach. As experience and business grew, the choice to design workflow systems exclusively for television and film processes became clear.

Incorporated in 2000, Thought Development was already deep into the development of a system that would consolidate the wide gamut of production processes and department workflows into a single product.  Early versions won high praise within the software-starved on-air promotions industry. As a result, ON-AIR Pro™ soon became a standard, which would continue to streamline the creative services business of both seasoned and new networks alike.

Just like the industries it serves, ON-AIR Pro™ continues to evolve.  Our constant relationship with clients, their business, and standard practices across our entire install base gives us a unique perspective to identify trends and the features that will be needed to support them.

Thought Development is dedicated to the continued growth, quality, and sustainability of ON-AIR Pro™ and the companies that use it; as an industry-leader for creating quality creative content for television, motion pictures and game marketing.