Analysis & Consulting Services

Business Analysis is an important part of every business’ self-evaluation and understanding of how efficiently it is operating.  Often systems are contemplated because of identified deficiencies in current workflow or a desire to see improvements in overall effectiveness.  The formality of these processes of evaluation vary at every company.

Thought Development is able to provide targeted Analysis services to help a client evaluate impact, best practices, optional approaches, and configurations that may be available to accomplish the goals the client is looking for.  Additionally, our ability to understand the unique business concerns and operational structures of each client directly impacts our configuration of the settings within ON-AIR Pro™.

During this process, our analysts meet with the client’s staff on-site, preferably along with the client’s own Business Analyst or MIS representatives, for system analysis and needs assessment. The following are some of the activities that are performed:

  • Brief tour of operations facilities to identify number and types of users, bays and how communication flows amid the staff.
  • Systems analysis to identify any necessary, or future, data integration points with other existing enterprise systems:
    • Tape library/vault systems
    • Media/Digital Asset Management systems
    • Program scheduling and on-air planning systems
    • Traffic & Media Delivery systems
  • Detailed interview of department(s) current and desired workflow and process.