We’ve all been there, staring at a new system, flipping pages in a manual and wondering how to use this new tool to accomplish something that we’ve been doing differently, for years.

Thought Development has a long and established history of providing excellent training for staff at all levels of technical understanding.  We’ve taken that expertise and applied it to our training offerings, in order to deliver high quality, tailored training, for our new and existing clients.

Our analysts and trainers work with the client during the early phases of the project to identify key training points and processes to ensure that the training is targeted to accomplish any workflow improvements that the client is looking for.

Thought Development delivers training in many formats, hands-on or group presentations, on-site or via the web. The most important component is to effectively bridge the gap between the trainee’s knowledge of existing workflow, and how best to accomplish it within the new system. That need is often best fulfilled through the interactivity and immediacy of on-site training with groups of users who have the similar roles or functions.

Training sessions are scheduled and coordinated with input from the client to determine the structure and organization of training sessions, to maximize the users’ exposure to the new system. These sessions are organized into groups and the client helps determine which users will attend each session.

The most critical factor determining the success of training is the commitment of the client and its staff to setting aside time for the training and to learning how this new tool should be used.  Larger organizations may choose to extend the training schedules and include time for repeat sessions, allowing key staff more flexibility within busy schedules.