ON-AIR Pro™ is a very robust creative project management system, and can do many things.  Our clients are often able to think of even more business needs that they would like it to do. We always log these requests, as both the industry and the system need to evolve to stay flexible.

Sometimes, a client would like a specific feature that has not yet been implemented, or a new process that is highly specific to their own business.  Custom Development services are used to provide modifications to products, or features, according to a client’s specific requirements.


We work with the client to develop functionality specs, and clearly outlined change orders, which we call Statements of Work.  Once the needs are well defined, the Statement of Work is estimated and the clients have the option to approve it.

All identified items which require custom development or new system integration services are issued a Statement of Work listing its unique Project Definition, Schedule, Estimated Budget, Resources, User/Client Responsibilities, and Completion Criteria.

Once approved, we work with the client to schedule the project and work begins.  Once concluded, the new development is tested internally and then implemented on the client’s version of ON-AIR Pro™.