Installation & Deployment

Many large systems take tremendous effort to install, requiring 3-6 months, or more, to get up and running.  Though the breadth of functions covered by ON-AIR Pro™ are large, the systems can be up and running very quickly.

Since ON-AIR Pro™ has very modest server and desktop requirements, the client’s IT department can quickly set up the server environment, or Thought Development can provide a server pre-configured for IT. Once the server is installed at the client’s site, IT enables the remote access methods of its choice, and the Installation processes can commence.

Concurrent to this, analysis is on-going to identify specific settings and configuration options that will be needed to support the client’s desired business workflow.  This information is used to perform:

  • Configuration of system preferences as per needs analysis findings
  • Configuration of applicable plug-ins and settings
  • Testing of remote access for long term support and final installation

Thought Development configures, tests and delivers the ON-AIR Pro™ launcher file. The preliminary version of the configured ON-AIR Pro™ Software is installed on the new servers, tested, and made available for the System’s Check.