On-Site Help Desk

Any large system that touches multiple departments and work processes requires some familiarization before use.  Thought Development has a long history of providing targeted and customized hands-on training for all technical levels of personnel.

With On-site Help Desk Services, sometimes called Hyper Care, a team of Thought Development’s qualified personnel will be on-site, from the moment ON-AIR Pro™ goes live, to ensure that users have any help they may need to perform their functions within the new environment.  The duration of this phase of the launch is tailored to each client’s needs, and usually directly follows On-Site Training and system go-live.

Since users will have recently received detailed training on the use of the system prior to the Help Desk period, our staff will work with them, at their own desk, to walk through any questions and guide them through their first steps within their new system.

It is common for many ON-AIR Pro™ implementations to include one to two days of On-site Help Desk to supplement the training received and learn to apply what they learned, ensuring a deep understanding and confidence to move forward on their own.

Following the Help Desk period, users will only be a phone call, or e-mail, away from Technical Support, which can also help them with any day-to-day questions they may have.