Data Migration

ON-AIR Pro™ is designed to address business needs that range multiple departments and workflows.  Sometimes this is best accomplished with a “clean slate” in terms of the starting data.

The preliminary analysis and implementation start up process includes a very robust set of deliverables that are used to collect data for things such as various lists, the shows being promoted, contacts/users, and more.  This provides a strong starting point without requiring customized Data Migration.  However, there are circumstances that might require efforts be made to migrate data from other sources, as a more robust starting point.

Thought Development can import data from almost any source, clean it up, conform it and import this data into ON-AIR Pro™ through the use of Data Migration Services. This can include activities such as clean-up for data formatted in Excel, Word, DBF, and various text formats such as Tab or Comma-delimited text, and more.

This process is, by nature, specialized to address the unique data sources and requirements of each client, when they are needed. It can often be performed prior to training so that users are able to see the system with the data they are already familiar with, in the new format they will be using after the system Go Live.